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When you get a dab rig or nectar collector and ready to celebrate your 710 Day, you will find that you also need some accessories to complete your dabbing set, and make your dabbing time even better.

The essential accessories are banger, nails, carb cap, dabbers and dab wax containers.

When you want to hit with a dab rig, you need quartz banger or titanium nail as a concentrate heating vessel, and you need carb cap to cover your banger or nail, to prevent excess vaporized wax from floating away. You will also need a dabber to pick out the concentrate or honey wax which stored in the dab container.

For quartz banger and titanium nail, our customized moq is only 50pcs, any angle, any thickness, any shape, any size, and any color you want, we can meet your requirements.
For carb cap, we have quartz cap, titanium cap with dabber end, and silicone caps for you to choose. Quartz card cap and ti carb cap also can be customized with small min order quantity. Silicone carb caps, we have 10 different hot selling colors in stock, which can be shipped within 48 working hours.

For dabbers, stainless steel 125mm one is the most popular wax carving tool with the beautiful color rainbow, gold, silver and rose gold. We also have mini size like 57mm and 70mm, the dabber with badge on the top that can be customized with LOGO, and the dabber set which can switch heads.

For shatter smoking, you’d better get a non-stick silicone mat. So you can put the whole piece shatter on the mat, cut and pick what you want the size, it will be more convenient for you to check the amount of shatter you are inhaling. Our silicone dab mat has good heat resistance and non-stick properties, is the best tool for shatter making. we also have home DIY rosin press extraction machine here, it is very easy to operate. If you want try to make hash wax yourself, come and get your concentrate extraction machine here.

There are 2 different kinds of silicone dab mats in our site. One is silicone mat with fiberglass grid. The middle of this mat is transparent silicone with white grid, and the edge of it is colored. If you need custom size and custom shape of this mat, our moq is only 100pcs.
Another mat is made of pure silicone material, this mat is made by stainless steel mold, whether in size, thickness, hardness, color or elasticity, it is very accurate and more suitable for customers who make branded products. We can also do custom new pure silicone dab mat for you. Welcome to inquiry.

With these necessary accessories, if you want to make your 710 dabbing time more comfortable, then you also need a thermostatically heated E-nail. People used to heat banger or nails with torches to vaporize the concentrate. However, using torch can not control the temperature within a suitable range, it is very easy to overheat, resulting in a bad taste. And the banger cools easily, so it needs to be reheated repeatedly.
But with Enail, it all works out. Electric dab nail will keep the temperature within the range you want, and always at that temperature when you use it. This avoids all the problems mentioned above. We now have explosion-proof plastic box luxurious dnail kit, camouflage canvas bag portable kit digital nail, and hexagon temperature control box d-nail set for your choice.

For more dab tools and dab accessories details, please feel free to contact us !


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