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Dry pipes is a general term for all pipes used to smoke dry herb weed or flowers which collected directly from grow plant, without further extractions processing.

Compared to bongs, dab rigs, and other water pipes, there are far more raw material options for dry pipes, because they do not need to deal with excessive temperatures. Currently known dry pipes materials are glass, silicone, resin, clay, wood, bamboo, metal, rubber, quartz, crystal, acrylic, stone .etc. In terms of heat dissipation, portability and taste, the most popular materials are silicone and glass.

It is also more convenient to use. Dry pipes do not have a large chamber for storing water, but only 2 heads, a burner end for burning flowers to produce smoke, and a mouthpiece. The middle structure that connects the 2 ends is also relatively simple, usually just a straight or slightly curved tube. When you use it, just light the flower in the burner end and inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece, then you can enjoy !

Dry pipes including hand pipes, one hitter (also known as chillum), and glass blunt, with different names, the shape and structure of the product and the applicable product range are also different.

The most distinctive feature of the hand pipe is a bowl made of glass or metal at the burner end. Opening of the bowl generally face upwards and is larger in size compared to the one hitter. There is also a small vent on the hand pipe (usually next to the bowl) to help the smoke flow smoothly into the mouth.

There are many styles of hand pipes, the most representative ones are Spoon pipe and Sherlock pipe. Spoon pipe has a large round head and a straight body, shaped like a spoon, hence the name. Spoon pipe is favored by buyers because of its perfect size, cute shape and good smooth smoking experience. We have the classic style silicone spoon pipe, spoon pipe with multiple beautiful water transfer printing patterns, and many high quality glass spoon pipe in our site, welcome to check and choose.

Sherlock pipe has a longer tube than spoon pipe, and the tube has a certain curvature, shaped like a hook. Longer and curved tube allows Sherlock pipe store more smoke and cool a bit better than spoon pipe. The classic retro shape is also its important charming feature, loved by pipe smokers.

Besides spoon pipe and Sherlock pipe, there are also many newly released novelty pipe in our site. Like the ice cream cone pipe that smoking girls love so much, and the super cool astronaut pipe loved by young people. There are many other novelty pipes on our website, welcome to check and shop !

One hitter, as the name implies, is a short and compact pipe. It has a small bowl and a short tube to satisfy people’s need for quick inhalation. It is often used for smoking strong tobacco or weed.
Like the hand pipe, one hitter is also composed of 2 parts : the main tube and the smoking bowl. Its bowl is usually facing forward, its tube and bowl can be separate or integrated.

Glass blunt has the simplest structure compared to spoon pipe and one hitter. It is a cylindrical glass tube with two open ends. When you use it, put dry herb weed or tobacco in one end, light it, and inhale through the opening at the other end. Because the structure is simple and the production is not complicated, you can customize the length and diameter you want to achieve ideal smoking experience.

In our website, you can find many good dry herb pipes, come and choose what you like ! For more product details, welcome to send us inquiry !


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