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Nectar collector is a tool that is mainly straight in shape and used to hit the rosin or shatter.
Originally, the nectar collector is a glass tube with 2 openings, one end is connected to a heater(a device called smoke nail, usually made of quartz or titanium) for dipping wax or oil or live resin as you like, the other end is a mouthpiece to inhale the vape. It looks especially like the straw we drink, that’s why it is also known as dab straw or honey straw.

In fact, nectar collector is also a kind of dab rig. However, compared to dab rig, nectar collector is more convenient, faster to inhale and easier to handle. After more than a decade of development since 2011, there are already over tens of thousands of different designs for nectar collectors.

But basically these nectar collectors are made of glass or silicone.

Given the flexibility of glass handicrafts, the earliest nectar collectors were essentially made of glass. However, because the glass honey collector is a one-piece molding, it can not be disassembled, and can not be bent, therefore, it is more troublesome to clean, and very easy to bump, damage cracks or accidentally break.

On the contrary, silicone dab straw not only lightweight, foldable, easy to clean, but also unbreakable and resistant to high heat. In the feeling of use, there is no significant difference with the glass honey straw. Price for silicone nector collector is much cheaper than glass honey straw.

Here in our site, you can find many different kinds of silicone nectar collector.

Classic bamboo section honey straw plus 14mm titanium or quartz nail, mini size silicone dab straw with 10mm ti nail or quartz nail and a silicone cap which can storage the nail into the straw, and aesthetic body nectar collector with honeybee and honeycomb patterns plus 12mm dab nail.

There is also an upgraded version of the silicone honey straw with a siphon device and a silicone jar to storage badder, budder or wax.

We have also developed some nectar collectors that combine glass and silicone, as well as dab straws with water transfer printing patterns to meet the needs of different clients.

Go and find what you like the nectar collector on our site ! If you want know more about our products design or wholesale price, welcome to inquiry !


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