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Silicone Nectar Collector with Cap 4.8” Honeybee

For a stoner who is seeking for an on-the-go and dust-proof honey dab straw, this silicone nectar collector with cap is not to be missed.

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Silicone Nectar Collector with Cap Bpa-Free Food Grade Beehive Grid Concentrate Smoking Dab Straw

The dab straw silicone nectar collector with cap is especially designed for vaping your concentrate oil. Firstly take of the cap, pull out the titanium tip and place it on right position. The titanium tip of the dab straw needs to be heated for about five to seven seconds until it looks a little red. Then dip the heated pipe into the concentrate on the dish and inhale the fumes of your concentrates.

This silicone nectar collector with cap features a double-fitted titanium joint, which means that the longer side of titanium tip can be hide into the straw and covered by the cap after you finish dabbing session. So it’s a perfect piece for travelling.

Built with non-toxic, high chemical resistance food-grade silicone, the end cap protects your straw when out of use and the colorful design will make every dabs even more enjoyable. To make cleaning the unit easy, this silicone nectar collector with cap dab straw can be put in the dishwasher to keep the straw looking like new.


Grip Length  122mm / 4.8 Inches
Full Weight  42g
Raw Material  Non-Adhesive Silicon+Gr2 Titanium
Customizing  Brand, Colors, Packaging
Packaging  Individual Poly Bag
Advantage  Unbreakable


1 x Hexagon Bee Nectar Collector
1 x 10mm Titanium Tip
1 x Protective Silicone Cap

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Contact Form Demo (#3)