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Smoking accessories are accessories for weed flower or dry herb smoking. Pre-rolled cones, rolling trays and grinders are a must for anymore who prefers to smoke weed directly with rolling paper.

Depending on people’s needs, pre roll cones come in many different sizes. Such as 83mm 1 1/4 size, 98mm special, 110mm lean, 110mm king size, 140mm peacemaker, 180mm emperador, 280mm supernatural, and 600mm challenge. King size is the most popular because it has just the right capacity for a hand-held size.

The most common materials of rolling paper pre rolled cones are wood pulp paper, linen paper, hemp paper and sticky rice paper. Wood pulp paper is the most affordable, hemp paper has the best taste, sticky rice paper is the most environmentally friendly, and linen paper has the highest overall cost performance. There are many different rolling paper pre roll cones on our website that you can choose according to your preference. In addition, we can also customize pre-roll cones according to your needs. No matter the material, size, color, etc., it can be customized.

With rolling paper, you also need a grinder to grind the whole flower, and a rolling tray to catch the ground powder. They are not only needed when using rolling paper to smoke weed, but also essential when using water pipes or dry pipes. It can be said that as long as you smoke weed, no matter what tool you use, these two accessories are essential.

There are many different grinders in our site. Like 40mm metal grinder, 50mm plastic grinder, 50mm stainless steel weed grinder, 63mm zinc alloy herb grinder, 75mm big size grinder, 60mm 3 layer plastic herb grinder, 59mm 2 layer grinders, 4 layers herb grinder, grinders with drawer .etc. Grinders are also available in a variety of colors, besides regular solid color, metallic and rainbow colors, we have recently developed a super dreamy mermaid color. Come and send inquiry !

Rolling tray serves as a workbench, usually made of silicone, bamboo, wood or tin, and is a smooth rectangular, square or round plate. In our site, in spite of these regular rolling trays, there are integrated trays that can accommodate all smoking tools, such as our Rocket silicone rolling trays.

In order to create a good and tidy smoking environment, some storage and cleaning tools are also essential. We have many different kinds of weed packaging for dry herb flower storage, like stash box, stash jars and mylar bag, also have many portable car ashtrays and pocket ashtrays for ash cleaning.

For the above products, if you need to customize, please contact us !


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