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Water Pipe, as the name suggests, is a type of water-related smoking product. After thousands of years of development, the forms of water pipes are ever-changing. But in the final analysis, it is inseparable from the following elements :

1.There are chambers that can store water,
2.Smoke can enter the chamber smoothly from the outside,
3.The chamber communicates with the mouthpiece and the smoke can be inhaled from the chamber.

Water Pipes can be mainly divided into 3 categories : Bongs, Dab Rigs and Bubblers.

What is the difference between Bongs and Dab Rigs ?

1.The corresponding products are different
Bongs are usually used to smoke dry herb, weed, cannabis or tobacco, and their matching bowls are generally made of glass and other materials that are not resistant to high temperature.

Dab Rigs are typically used for smoking concentrate, honey, wax or oil. Their accessories are usually made of high temperature resistant quartz or titanium, called banger or nail.

2.Their size also vary
Bongs are normally in bigger size, usually over 12 inches, because the smoke produced by burning flowers needs enough space for cooling, filtering and flowing, then can be inhaled.

The size of dab rigs are smaller than bongs, regularly 6 to 12 inches, because high purity concentrate is rare and precious, and the longer the vaporized wax passes from banger to the mouth, the more is lost. So the small and delicate dab rig is often more popular.

Generally speaking, dab rig is able to be used as bong. However, bong may not work as a dab rig. Because the honey used in dab rig needs to be continuously vaporized at high temperature. The high-strength working environment requires that the material of dab rig must be able to withstand solid vaporization and high temperature for a very long time without breaking or exploding. This leads to the fact that dab rig usually needs to be made of borosilicate glass or other materials with strong stability, while bong only needs ordinary materials.

To juggle dry herb and vaping needs, stoners often need to purchase a lot of different water pipes, many of which are not universal. This makes stoners spend a lot of money on water pipes.
But with us, you can find the perfect solution. All of our silicone water pipes made of food grade platinum cured silicone, the tolerated temperature range is -50 degrees celsius to 220 degrees celsius. It has the advantages of being foldable, easy to carry, not broken, rich in color and environmentally friendly. And our glass water pipes like beaker bong, percolators bong, straight neck bong, recycler dab rigs and percolator bongs are all made of borosilicate glass. We also have the silicone and glass combined water pipes, which is very popular among our distributors clients, like the gravity bong.

Besides bongs and dab rigs, bubblers are also the darlings of stoners. Bubblers have a compact body, it is convenient to carry out and easy to operate, which can meet the needs of smokers for quick enjoyment.
There are so many choices for bubbler shapes, and we have dozens of them. It can also be customized according to customer needs. The size of bubbler is usually a palm-friendly size, generally no larger than 6 inches.

After you got a silicone bong or glass dab rig, you must need some tools to complete your unique and fantastic smoking kit. If you want dry herb smoking sets, you will need glass bowl and downstem as basic tool for weed smoking. A hemp wick can burn slowly for more smoke and longer burn time, maximizing profits and reducing waste.
We also have mouthpiece and activated carbon filters to help you deeply clean the harmful elements in the smoke. Friends can use different mouthpieces to share the same bong outside or at a party.

If you desire for dabbing kit, besides dab rig, you also need quartz banger or titanium nail as a heating dish for concentrate oil, and a carb cap covering the dish to reduce vape loss. Since glass dab rigs are expensive, protective accessories become necessary.
We have high flexibility silicone protective band can perfectly solve this problem. Our band set has 3 different size, suitable for almost all size of glass bongs or dab rigs and bubblers in the market, can prevent most desktop collision damage.

We all know that bongs and oil rigs are very easy to get dirty, therefore, except for using tools, cleaning tools are also particularly important.
Here at our site, you can find more than 3 different cleaning tools, they are high pull-resistant and highly elastic silicone cleaning caps, multi-sized silicone cleaning plugs, and magnetic cleaning brush, multiple choices for your reference.

All water pipes and bongs accessories above can be customized. OEM and ODM are all no problem. For more customized details or need wholesale price, welcome to inquiry !


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