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Hexagon Nectar Collector 10mm Siliclab designed

This hexagon nectar collector holds transparent silicone chamber where you can add water to cool the smoke for lessening irritation.

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Hexagon Nectar Collector Silicone Water Smoking Pipe Percolator Nector Collector with 2ml Container and 10mm Titanium Nail

Each hexagon nectar collector has individual PET box to protect products from damage during shipping. To start dabbing you only need to heat titanium tip to the target temperature and dip it into weed concentrates!

To avoid tumbling we make it a hexagon grip. Combined with 2ml concentrate jar so you don’t need extra accessories. Titanium nail is included !

A water chamber of the hexagon nectar collector can help you cool the smoke to decrease the irritation to you lung and throat. A integrated 2ml silicone container can hold few concentrate when you just want to puff a little. All parts are detachable for no-fuss cleaning after smoking. This hexagon nectar collector is made by silicone so nobody will get in a fluster about broken.

10mm Grade 2 titanium nail has high temperature endurance which can evaporate the concentrate momentarily and burst out a lot smoke.

PET Box Dimension: 40*40*135mm
Full Kit Weight: 92g
Raw Material: High-Consistency Silicone+Gr2 Titanium
Customizing: Brand, Colors, Packaging
Packaging: Individual PET Box
Advantage: Unbreakable

1 x Hexagon Bee Nectar Collector
1 x 10mm Titanium Tip
1 x 2ml Container

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Contact Form Demo (#3)