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Lighthouse Nectar Collector Set Printing 5in1 Box

5 in 1 lighthouse nectar collector set, including glass joint, glass bowl, a 7ml jar and a 10mm ti nail. You can use it to both smoke weed and dab.

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Lighthouse Nectar Collector Set Custom Water Transfer Printing Silicone Glass Dab Straw Honeybee Smoking Pipes

The water transfer printing style nectar collector set is one of the hottest selling sets of nectar collector type smoking pipe. It’s made up of 4 accessories and a nectar collector. The 4 accessories are 1*10cm glass adapter/1*10mm glass bow /1*10mm T-nail /1*7ml silicone wax container.

About the Water Transfer Printing Lighthouse Nectar Collector Set, First of all, its production process is extremely complex, because its water sticker design production is very difficult, the general factory is difficult to print, and the production cost is higher. We maked these water stickers, are resistant to high temperatures, as long as you do not use an open flame to burn it, it ‘s permanent!

Lighthouse nectar collector set is also different from other small hand nectar collectors, it embraces the middle part of the glass filter design, so that during the use, we can add water, thus filtering the smoke, which can make you smoke better. Bringing you a healthier smoking experience! At the same time, it is combined with the different accessories that go with the set to bring many different ways to use it.

(1)With 10mm titanium nail, while taking out the 7ml silicone wax container. This will be the way to smoke wax/oil. (2)With 10mm glass adapter and 10mm glass bowl, this will be the way to smoke weed or tobacco. That will also be the advantage of the suite of products.

With this lighthouse nectar collector set, you can enjoy a variety of smoking methods, and it also gives you the convenience of choosing when buying accessories. And about the product, we have made 7 different water transfer printing styles in stock. These are very popular in the Market! We also support the printing of different designs of water transfer printing styles.

Because of the complex design of the water transfer printing style, the mold production cost is higher, if your demand is larger, we recommend you to customize it because it is more cost-effective. For package, It’s the packaging a white gift box style. Last year we adjusted the size of the package to reduce the volume of its in shipping.

Since the lighthouse nectar collector set including glass filter and some glass accessories, we also use bubble foam in the gift box to protect the product better. If you have special packaging requirements for the product or want to customize the packaging, we are all support customization. In addition, for the dab straw kit, we also have produced 10 classic silicone mix color ways. This allows you to have more options.

If you want to have a single silicone lighthouse nectar collector that is also available. All of our products are available for individual purchase! If you want a sample frist. we also can do it for you! Because many products in SILICLAB we don’t have a minimum order quantity! Sincerely looking forward to your inquiries in sooner future! Please feel free to contact with us!

Item Water Transfer Print Lighthouse Nectar Collector Set
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Gift Paper Box Package
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 7.7inch/195mm
Weight 241g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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