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A Set Custom Honey Straw Dab Rig

This is a custom gift bag packaging silicone smoking pipe nectar collector that includes 6 individual items!

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Amazon Hot Smoking Accessories Custom A Set Honey Straw Silicone Dab Rig Smoking Pipes Nectar Collector

This is a set of smoking pipes that is sold on major smoking accessories websites or offline stores! It is a combination of 6 pieces, 1*silicone Smoking Pipe, 1*8.5*11cm Dab mat, 1*14mm Tnail, 1*120mm dabber, 1*Silicone wax container, and a piece gift bag. About each piece smoking accessories, during the smoking process, are playing a very diverse role.

Of course, a nectar collector is indispensable when smoking, it can be made of 1*Silicone Smoking Pipe+1*14mm Tnail. For a set, the package gift bag is indispensable, so a piece gift bag is an indispensable part of packing another 5 pieces. About the dab mat, it serves the purpose of storing smoke paste, etc. If you want to store the nectar collector and other smoking accessories of the set on it, it is also possible.

The 1*120mm dabber is designed to make it easier for smokers to scoop up the cream paste during the smoking process, and it can also be used to clean the nectar collector after smoking. 1*Silicone wax container we have chosen is a silicone container with a great design and capacity. It is a “dab” shape, which contains two 5ml silicone container, so that when used, you can store a large amount of cream paste, because it is two separate silicone containers, it allows the storage of two different flavors of cream paste. When the silicone container is placed back in the silicone base of the “dab” silicone container, it helps to prevent loss, because the 5ml silicone box is still a relatively small silicone box, and we can also store the 120mm dabber in the top part of this dab shape silicone container, which is equivalent to a pen holder. It can store 120mm dabber very well.

About this set, the 5 smoking accessories are all heartfelt and closely related. We matched them according to their respective strengths and functionality and practicality to make this single item convenient for smokers. It is also a good choice to take with you when you go out. At the same time, this product is also very cost-effective. Whether it is the product packaging or the smoking accessories, any of the single product we can support the logo or brand customization. This will be able to create a more personalized goods!

Item A Set Custom Honey Straw Dab Rig
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Including 1*Silicone Smoking Pipe, 1*8.5*11cm Dab mat, 1*14mm Tnail, 1*120mm Dabber, 1*Silicone wax container, 1*Gift bag
Weight 188g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.
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