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Ak47 Dab Rig

The Ak47 is a nectar collector style silicone dab rig hand smoking pipe, extremely designer look!

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Ak47 smokeshop smoking accessories Silicone dab rig oil nectar collector smoking pipes

Smoking accessories is a very popular fashion item nowadays, it contains many types, such as hand pipe, water pipe, nectar collector, and so on. The Ak47 silicone pipe is a nectar collector style, its silicone part is designed to resemble the shape of a gun barrel, so we call it the Ak47 nectar collector. It is a combination of silicone and 14mm titanium nail fittings.

The Ak47 is a larger size than the average handheld nectar collector and allows the smoker to take their time and enjoy the smoking process while smoking. We use food grade silicone for the silicone stem part, and the accessories are made of titanium raw material. The product quality is very nice! At the same time its appearance design is the most outstanding. When smokers want to choose a nectar collector, it will be the first choice. The design is really cool, and when paired with the 14mm titanium spikes, it is indescribable. When the 14mm titanium nail is installed in the silicone stem section, Then use the flame gun to heat the 14mm titanium nail, when the titanium nail is heated to show red, then we can use the heated titanium nail to dip the smoke paste. Last is ready for smoking!

From the top of the product utility, its silicone stem part is a multi-functional design. When it is paired with a piece of 14mm titanium nail accessories, it is a nectar collector. When it is paired with a silicone base, it can become a water pipe hookah. So its functionality is diversified, thus bringing more combinations for smokers! At the same time this design can also bring convenience to the smoker. When out and about, if you want to carry a nectar collector and a water hookah, then it will easily help you to do! If you want a cool nectar collector, I think it’s possible!

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