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10.6 Inch Straight Silicone Bongs Smoking Pipe Pattern Style China Suppliers

Smoking Silicone Bongs, It mainly used to smoking weed, tobacco, dry herb and tobacco related wax, oil, and processed products.

This product is Smoking Silicone Bongs.It is made of food-grade silicone material, non-toxic and BPA free, Tasteless, non-corrosive, environmental and scientific.And the appearance is made according to the traditional bongs shape, and on this basis, better appearance changes are made.

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10.6 Inch Straight Silicone Bongs Smoking Pipe Pattern Style China Suppliers with Downstem and Glass Bowl

Stylish and cool pattern style appearance, more distinctive.

Bongs made of silicone material have good compression resistance and flexibility.

Compared with traditional glass bongs, glass bongs are likely to be damaged after a collision, and cannot be used again after being damaged; at the same time, broken glass may also bring us a lot of trouble in handling. The silicone bongs can face this problem very well. The silicone material bongs makes it unnecessary to worry about collision and damage. Even if it is squeezed by external force, it can be deformed through good elasticity and then restored. Such advantages are not available in traditional glass bongs, which greatly improves the use time of our bongs.

In terms of customization, bongs made of glass have a relatively simple choice of product color. At present, most of the glass bongs are mainly in single color or solid color; while the bongs made of silicone can have a variety of colors to choose from. Single color, mixed color, multiple mixed colors, etc., and can customize any color you need. We can customize the color you need, the pattern LOGO you need, and the shape you need on the silicone bongs. Which is an advantage that traditional glass bongs cannot achieve.

With the development of time, silicone bongs have generally entered everyone’s life, in stores, at home, at parties, we can all see people using silicone bongs to smoking.

Silicone bongs have many excellent characteristics and comfortable feel. Silicone products are novel, bright in color, creative in design, durable in product and good in promotion effect. The products are deeply loved by consumers and promoters.
Silicone products have been widely used in various industries.

Design Features:

This pattern style silicone bongs about 10.6 inches in height and about 4.6 inches in diameter at the bottom.
The bottom is a unique concave design with a certain adsorption principle, so that the silicone bongs can be better placed on the level surface.
The mouth of the silicone bongs is removable. After using for a long time, it is very convenient to disassemble and clean the mouth of the smoking mouth, which can better help us deal with the problem of dirtying of the mouth of the smoking mouth after long-term suction.

How to use:

You can smoking by using this bongs pipe.Or use for smoking tobacco,wax,oil products.
Comes with 10CM glass downstem and 14MM glass bowl accessories.
When you use it, first add some water to the bong, and then insert the 10CM glass downstem correspondingly; if you are smoking tobacco, you need to put the tobacco shreds into the corresponding 14MM glass bowl accessories. After everything is ready, light it , enjoy smoking.
If you want to smoking Wax or Oil, you will need to replace the glass bowl accessories with the corresponding quartz banger. Prepare the flame heater, heat the quartz banger, and use the dabber tool to put the wax into the quartz banger after heating.

Welcome to contact us, we have various kinds of smoke pipes and accessories. I will send you a product catalog with price list and pictures. If you find something you like, I could offer you a full quote with shipment for reference, and help create order link or invoice for you.

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