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Super Set 10pcs active mouthpiece carbon filter

This is a set of packaging style mouthpiece carbon filter smoking accessories products. We support custom packing and custom LOGO services !

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A Set 10pcs mouthpiece carbon filter custom activated carbon filters smoking accessories

The smoking accessories activated mouthpiece carbon filter is composed of Prefilter cotton, Activated carbon cotton , Kraft paper.

The Outside original Kraft paper, eco-friendly and non-toxic. The filter element, Three layers of filter cotton, The top and bottom are Prefilter cotton, middle is Activated carbon cotton.

The activated carbon filter works to remove the tar and resins from the inhale without restricting airflow. replace when resins start to restrict air flow,so you can inhale the clean.

How to use when we have a mouthpiece carbon filter?

It is only need with a piece silicone mouthpiece, And put it into the Inside slot of the silicone mouthpiece.

Then place them in your hookah smoking post. it can purify and clean the smoking air, Taking your smoking healthier.

The product is custom package style A set with 10pcs activated carbon filters!

Regarding its outer packaging, we are now using a transparent PVC tube-bound package carrying black silicone plugs at both ends.

On the packaging, we can do any logo design, which also is a key design of this product!

If you do not like the existing packaging, we also support the customization of kraft paper packaging style.

On top of the kraft paper, you can make more designs and printing, it is also the most classic type of packaging.

The design of these packaging styles are convenient for us to carry and use. Because the filter cartridge is a single-use goods, when you used it, you may throw it away, we use this design to facilitate you to carry and use.

At the same time, the product is relatively small, so the packaging style is also easy to store in our life.

For the Product, transparent tubular packaging style and kraft paper packaging style all have their own advantages. For example, transparent tubular packaging can clearly know the remaining amount of product use, Recycling is also possible.

As opposed to kraft paper packaging, after using the product, its wrapping paper can be well torn off, more concise. So, you can choose your favorite kind of packaging style according to your needs!At SILICLAB. Always support to customize for you!

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