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110mm Ballpoint Tip Titanium Dabber Straight Head

This 110mm ballpoint tip titanium dabber measures 11 cm in length and is made of high quality grade 2 titanium, extreme strength and toughness.

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110mm Ballpoint Tip Titanium Dabber Straight Head Concentrate Wax Dab Rig Smoking Dab Tool One End

With high strength-to-density ratio, titanium is both lightweight and strong, and it has extraordinary corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures due to excellent chemical stabilization. Different from quartz or iron, titanium has two advantages: unbreakable and stainless.

This 110mm ballpoint tip titanium dabber as one of the most essential items of dabbing, you can’t forget it when you start dabbing. It has a smooth ballpoint tips which make it very convenient for stick wax dabbing. Dabbing is considered one of the most potent and cleanest ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates, and a dab tool allow you to pick a small amount of wax to control your smoke dose.

This 110mm ballpoint tip titanium dabber only has one ballpoint tip for dabbing. The other end is handle. As a smoke shop, owning different shape and types of dab tool is a great advantages to attract customers and rise the transaction rate. So pick up different dabbers and stock your shop !

Length: 110mm
Net Weight: 8g
Material: Gr2 Titanium
Customizing: Laser Engraved Logo, Colors, Packaging
Advantage: Heat Resistanct Multi Function
Use For: Concentrate Wax Picking and Dabbing

1 x 110mm Titnaium Dabber

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