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120mm Golden Spoon

What is 120mm Golden Spoon : This is a tool for digging out the paste, one end is designed as an ear spoon and the other end is sharp. The reason for this design is that when there is enough cream in the box, it can be easily scooped out, but when there is not much cream in the box, some of the cream will be in the corners and cannot be scooped out with the ear spoon, so the tip is useful and can be used to easily pull out the cream from the corners so that it will not be wasted.

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China Tobacco store wholesale 120mm stainless steel Oil DAB Wax Tool golden spoon

High quality stainless steel cigarette paste tool, SILICLAB Shop hot product

Why is it golden?

Because in the long history of mankind, it is easy to find that gold has always been a symbol of nobility, no matter what period or country, so we plated a layer of gold on the exterior of the product to enhance the quality of the product and make it different from other colored spoons, with a kind of nobility.

What is the reason for the middle part of the design?

The design of the middle part is because if the whole spoon is smooth surface, it is possible that the spoon will flip or even fall because of the slippery hand, which will waste the cream, so the designer added a friction surface in the middle of the spoon, which increases the friction area between the finger and the spoon, so that the spoon will not easily flip and fall.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)