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13cm Hexagonal Silicone Grid Mat

This is a 13cm side of the square hexagonal silicone grid mat, you can do the preparation of smoking on it, so you can ensure the cleanliness of the table. Of course this product can be used not only as a smoking mat, but also as a coaster, food mat, and a child’s food can be placed on it so that the child can grab it himself. You can rest assured that our silicone products are of the highest grade, food grade, and will not cause harm to your body. This product is very easy to clean, just wipe it with a cloth and it will be as good as new.

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The same product to keep the table clean, why choose the mat rather than the tray? I believe many customers have this question. Because the mat can be laid on the table, the design of the grid mat will make the mat and the table have a strong adsorption, the mat will not move around, while the tray will move around, so it is easy to cause impact on the operation. On the other hand, iron pallets will corrode and rust after too many times of use, while silicone mats will not, so this is the reason for choosing silicone grid mats instead of pallets.

Besides, there are more uses for silicone grid mats, such as cake bakery, table mats, etc. You can contact us and tell us the size you want, we can make the size you want.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)