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26ml Hexagon Silicone Container Honeybee Wax Jar

This 26ml Hexagon Silicone Container is a push seal storage jar, its unique honeybee shape, makes it deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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26ml Hexagon Silicone Container Honeybee wax container dab smoking accessories

One of the first style silicone wax container smoking accessories that became popular in the smoking market–Hexagonal honeybee silicone wax container!

The honeycomb 26ml hexagon silicone container was one of the first silicone wax container smoking accessories that became popular in the smoking market. The common shape of silicone wax containers for smoking accessories is round, but the product has a cool design shape- hexagonal !  This will be the biggest feature of this silicone wax container. And its capacity is also a larger size of 26ml.

In the lid part of the 26ml hexagon silicone container, we also designed honeycomb elements, while a bee is dotted in these honeycomb parts on the silicone container. These inspirations overlapped and we designed and produced this silicone wax container, named “Hexagonal Honeycomb Silicone Wax Container” ! Because it has the advantage of large capacity, it is convenient for smokers to store cream wax and carry it with them when they travel long distances.

Regarding the production of the product, we use food grade silicone raw materials to make the 26ml hexagon silicone container. The honeybee wax jar with good sealing, It is also heat resistant and easy to clean. The silicone wax container can also be paired with a smoking pipe to customize a set of smoking accessories. For example, with our TOP hot honeybee smoking pipe, then you can get a hot smoking set!

This 26ml hexagon silicone container is also very convenient to store in life, because of its cool appearance and design, you can completely as a fashion item to store. When this silicone wax container have multiple pieces, you can DIY to store them. We also produce 10 different colors in the production of honeybee wax container colors, the most popular color is gray purple light blue, Rasta is also very popular, and the other 8 colors are also the colors chosen by many customers.

In smoking accessories like silicone wax containes, about the products colors or logo brand printing we all support customization!

Item Hexagonal honeybee silicone wax container
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Capacity 26ml
Size 2.09*1.18inch/53*30mm
Weight 37g
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