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2ml Silicone Wax Container

The 2ml silicone container is a small capacity but very mini and cute silicone storage wax/oil jar. It is accompanied by a better seal and the product is made of food-grade silicone. You can use it to store any items you want to store. Among the smoking accessories, generally smoking enthusiasts will use it to store a little bit of wax/oil for easy carrying on the go or a short trip . It is about the amount for one time smoking session. If you want to choose a silicone storage container with small size and a better large storage capacity, then it can be your first choice!

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The 2ml silicone box is one of the most popular silicone box design sizes among many small sizes. It has 10 silicone colorways in SILICLAB.

Regarding the product , We are have make 10 colors for stock. If you like these colors, we can ship them to you as soon as you place your order! And can also customize it with other silicone colors or logos/brands. No matter how many products you will need, we all support customization service. You only need to tell me your idea, we will provide you with sample drawings for your reference as soon! Regarding color customization, the general time for proofing is 1-2 days, and the working time for finished products is 3-7 days. Logos/brands customization we need to make a logos/brands mold for you first, and then continue production. The whole order goods completion time is 7-14 days! Each order We will do our best to ship your products ASAP!

About the product packaging, we choose the appropriate packaging method to pack according to your order, silicone boxes are generally selected to pack with opp bags, and then packed again with cartons for shipment. If you have any requirements for packaging, you can tell us, we will serve you!

SILICLAB also support many other sizes silicone wax storage containers, like the popular 3ml 5ml 7ml 10ml etc., And also with various designs of different shapes. For example, the common round design, the popular honeycomb design hexagonal, spherical, rectangular or triangular, etc. A variety of different models and shapes of silicone storage containers in there! Of course, you can also give me the design you want and we can produce it for you as well!

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Contact Form Demo (#3)