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34ml Silicone Container 6+1 Big Nonstick Wax Jar

Lego 6+1 34ml silicone container is completely non-stick and no odours, this makes it an excellent solution for storing viscous concentrates.

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34ml Silicone Container 6+1 Wax Lego Silicone Jars for Concentrate Storage

34ml 6+1 Silicone wax container is heat resistant to extreme temperatures and smell/taste neutral.

This 6+1 lego 34ml silicone container features seven compartments, so that you can store many different extracts at one time, or proportion your extracts for better efficiency. Multiple bricks store very easily together thanks to their inter-locking design. The block snaps together like “Lego” and the lid is a push close system.

This containers can be reused, withstand temperatures and are safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher. These containers are great for cooling or heating concentrates so they can be handled easier.

Silicone is a highly inert polymer that is extremely durable, heat resistant to extreme temperatures and smell/taste neutral.

When sourcing these bricks we sought out the highest quality products we could find, while keeping the price down for our customers.

Length: 10cm (Approx)
Width: 5cm (Approx)
Height: 2.5cm (Approx)
Reusable and environmentally friendly and non-stick
Heat resistant
Not easily damaged

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Contact Form Demo (#3)