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42ml Bamboo Dab Wax Container Kit Magnetic Box

42ml Bamboo Dab Wax Container Kit makes 6pcs 7ml wax jar in one, can hold different flavour wax, very good for smoker home storage.

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42ml Bamboo Dab Wax Container Kit Wholesale Dab Smoking Accessories Magnetic Bamboo Box Set

Why such a multi-part design? The design of six pieces high quality 7ml silicone boxes inside a large bamboo box is to allow the user to have a box for each person to use when traveling with their friends, so that the number of users will not spoil the fun by not having enough wax to use.

On the other hand, each person uses his or her own box, so that it will be cleaner, and different people use the same box, which can cause wax infection and a certain risk to the health of the user. If you are not traveling with friends, but alone, it is possible to prepare such a 42ml bamboo dab wax container kit with a reserve of exactly 6 days.

Users do not have to worry about the two parts of the bamboo box are easy to separate, because the two parts of the box are installed around a strong magnetic device, which can be very stable to protect the silicone box inside.
The size of the 42ml bamboo dab wax container kit is 150*110*40mm, support printing your logo on the silicone box and bamboo box.

Item The activated carbon filter
Material Prefilter cotton, Activated carbon cotton , Kraft paper
Packaging Customized services supported
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 24mm*10mm/0.9in*0.4in
Weight 1.1g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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