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5ml Dab Wax Container Rick Silicone Jars Hot IP

The products 5ml Dab Wax Container Rick, comes with “Rick” colorful 3D logo printing! It is very popular in smoking tools dab wax containers.

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5ml Dab Wax Container Rick Popular Wholesale 5ml Rick SIlicone Oil Jar Dabbing Smoking Accessories

Rick is a character from an American television sitcom anime that aired on Adult Swim, in which Rick is one of the main characters. In conjunction with this character, we have produced a 5ml silicone wax container with Rick’s logo design in 3D on the product. And we named it “5ml dab wax container Rick “!

For the entire character of Rick, we chose to use the head part of Rick as the logo printing on the product, as the printing technology was 3D printed, which made the logo printing more vivid. In terms of printing, the usual logo is plainly printed directly. This is where the silicone dab container rick differs about 5ml silicone dab container Rick , and the addition of Rick’s character is a best nice touch.

This makes the 5ml dab wax container rick stand out among the smoking accessories! About the product, first of all it has a good volume – 5ml. In a silicone wax container, the 5ml size is a volume that many people would choose for a storage silicone wax container.

The whole product is also made of food grade silicone raw material which smokers can use with confidence. The 5ml dab wax container rick also has a very good seal, is easy to clean and is highly resistant to high temperatures. The rounded design makes the silicone wax container look very cute and is a pleasure to use!

For the product colour selection, SILICLAB has produced 10 different colours, all with a large stock. We always offer a great selection! If these colours are not available in your preferred colour, then we can customise them of the colors want for you.

We also support customisation on our products, such as adding your own branding to the 5ml dab wax container Rick storage jar, or some logo printing. Any request we will go for it! If you would like to have some another designs of 5ml silicone wax container, SILICLAB also to accommodate, for example “Morty 5ml silicone wax container”!

Item 5ml dab wax container Rick
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Capacity 5ml
Size 1.22*0.71inch/31*18mm
Weight 13g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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