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5ml Silicone Lined Container with Plastic Shell

Truely non-stick 5ml silicone lined container wax jar with hard plastic shell. With it, you don’t need worry about leaking or sticking in your pocket.

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5ml Silicone Lined Container Smoking Accessories 420 Smoke Shop Dab Wax 5ml Plastic Concentrate Jar

Portable color transparent custom logo plastic wax hemp 5ml silicone lined container

Material: Plastic
Quantity: 100 pieces
1, Transparent plastic cosmetics cans, containers and jars.
2, Jars for sampling eyeshadows, creams, lip balms and other cosmetics.
3, Ideal for sampling or storing mineralized eyeshadow or mineralized cosmetics, carrying
4, Easily screwed together to compactly store acrylic powder, liquid, nail design and much more.
5, Highly reusable, it can rely on the safety of thousands of items.
Includes: 100x Jars

Clear Plastic 5ml Silicone Lined Container Mini Bottle Pot Jars Cosmetic Tools 5ml
1. Material: Plastic. Mini size,easy to clean
2. It is portable, perfect for travelling use.
3. Perfect for storage makeup, eye shadows, lotions lip balms, creams, jewelry, medicine and more.
4. Highly reusable and can be depended upon on safely hold thousands of items.
5. Designed for commercial and hose use, endless possibilities use in thousand different fields
6. Use: for cream jar, loose powder, eyeshadow, nail powder jar, cosmetic sample
Material: Plastic
Compacity: 5ml
Size: Diameter 30mm, Height 15mm
Color: Clear
Type: Sample Pots
Sub Type: Make Up Jars
Package content: 100pcs Sample Pots

Features include :

Plastic dome top of 5ml Silicone Lined Ccontainer lasts for years

Box Top Clear style jar with silicone for a firm pinch seal

There are straight walls inside so you can easily fill

– Silicone prevents odors from escaping and keeps your items fresh

– Clear jars so you know when it’s time to fill up

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Contact Form Demo (#3)