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5ml Wax Silicone Container Round Butane 32*18MM

This virtually indestructible 5ml wax silicone container is perfect for safely stashing and transporting your sticky oils and waxy concentrates.

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5ml Wax Silicone Container Shatterproof Non Stick Silicone Wax Container Weed Extract Smoking Dab Jar

The flexible and shatterproof dab container can easily be cleaned with soapy water, and it can be put into dishwasher. You can wipe the stash pot with a cloth or tissue and the residue will go out. If you need to deep clean it, run it under faucet water then the container will be refresh like new.

The non-stick 5ml wax silicone container last a lifetime. You can reuse them to preserve wax, herb, oil, or any other concentrate, and then washing them for different storage. Perfect for all your dabbing adventures. The non-stick and non-adhesive container has been constructed from durable and heat resistant silicone making it extremely easy to use and maintain.

Silicone material have long lifetime. If used suitably, silicone rubbers generally maintain their main performance features for several years. Silicone rubber is not affected by ozone and have excellent resistance to attack by oxygen, and sunlight, which make it a best material to be concentrate oil storage container.

SPEC of 5ml wax silicone container :
Measurements: 32*18mm
Capacity: 5ml
Net Weight: 12g
Material: Platinum Cured Silicon
Customizing: Brand, Colors, Packaging
Advantage:Airtight, Indestructible
Application: Extract Oil Or Flower
Surface Treatment: Polished

1 x 5ml Silicone Container

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