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6 Inch Round Bamboo Rolling Tray Weed Collection

6 Inch Round Bamboo Rolling Tray is made of pure bamboo, environmental protection and pollution-free, no any harm to the human body.

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6 Inch Round Bamboo Rolling Tray SIliclab Factory Wholesale Smoking Accesssories Tobacco Weed Collection Tray

Classic old-fashioned smoking accessories – bamboo trays

This 6 inch round bamboo rolling tray is made of bamboo, the best choice for smokers who like the classic way of smoking, many years ago, when smoking first appeared, because the industrial age did not begin to prevail, so people generally use wood or bamboo as a material to make trays or ashtrays, which is the first smoking accessories. The reason for choosing bamboo as the material instead of wood is that bamboo has a tighter texture and is not easily eroded by insects.

Why choose the classic 6 inch round bamboo rolling tray ?

Because it will give us a feeling as if we have gone back to years ago during the smoking process, which is a great feeling. That’s why we choose the round bamboo tray.
Our round bamboo trays support logo plating and can meet customers’ customization needs.

Item The activated carbon filter
Material Prefilter cotton, Activated carbon cotton , Kraft paper
Packaging Customized services supported
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 24mm*10mm/0.9in*0.4in
Weight 1.1g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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