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60ml Silicone Wax Container Big Capacity Oil Jar

Lego Shape Heavy Size 60ml Silicone Wax Container is a big concentrate storage jar. With it, you can storage enough your favorite flavour wax.

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60ml Silicone Wax Container China Wholesale High Quality Food Grade Oil Box Smoking Accessories

The best choice of wax storage box for outings with friends

60ml Silicone Wax Container is a large capacity silicone storage box, from the outside it looks like it is square structure, its size is 60* 60*60mm, it is right above and right below the lego design, when you open the lid, you can put the lid on the bottom, is its perfect articulation.

The lego design is on the one hand the embodiment of the designer’s childishness, on the other hand is to take into account the possibility of losing the lid, if it is connected to the box, so it will no longer be easy to lose. When you open the 60ml silicone wax container, you can see that the inside of the box is not like its square structure, but a sphere with a capacity of 60ml, which is a large capacity in terms of holding wax.

Why we need a large capacity silicone wax jar ?

Because the user will have to go out with family and friends, the use of this container, it can meet the needs of everyone, not because of many small capacity of the box and worry about the loss of not enough to spoil the fun.
This product also has ten colors for your choice, but different from other products: it can not be printed on the top logo or pattern, only on the side printing.

Item  60ml  Silicone Wax Container
Material  Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Customized Services Supported
MOQ 1 Piece
Size 60*60mm
Weight  155g
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