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6ml Ball Silicone Wax Containers Concentrate Jar

With their versatility and convenience, these 6ml ball silicone wax containers make it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite waxes on the go!

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6ml Ball Silicone Wax Containers Concentrate Oil Wax Sick Container

6ml ball silicone wax containers are becoming increasingly popular amongst wax enthusiasts. These containers are incredibly useful and can be used to store and transport all kinds of waxes, from soft paraffin to hard beeswax. They are made out of a high-quality, food-grade silicone material which is non-stick, heat resistant and easy to clean. The 6ml size is perfect for travel or for storing small amounts of wax at home.

You may think this ball shape silicone container is unserviceable because it may roll out of the table and spill out the wax. But it’s somehow a little funny when you pay attention on the ball and find a base to fix it. It’s good choice for OCD. If you got the point, you will fall in love with ball shape container.

Whether it is dabs, wax, or oil, 6ml ball silicone wax containers are the most efficient way to store them. Build with a non-stick characteristic, it keeps you safe from losing your concentrate or dab to the container. Easily scoop out the last bit of your precious concentrate without any hassle.

A ball shape bottom has a great advantage is that you can scoop the wax efficiently unlike some edged container may leave some wax on the corner.

These 6ml ball silicone wax containers are glossy smooth and non-stick, allowing any material placed inside to be effortlessly retrieved. And thanks to its ring-sealed top, this container won’t leak anything out or allow any outer liquids inside. These silicone containers are unbreakable and won’t be broken or, even better, opened by an accidental drop !

Diameter: 39mm / 1.5 Inches
Capacity: 6ml
Net Weight: 22g
Material: Heat Resistant Silicone
Customizing: Brand, Colors, Packaging
Advantage: Water Proof And Unbreakable
Application: Concentrate Oil
Surface Treatment: Polished

1 x 6ml Silicone Ball Container

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