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9ml Conjoined Silicone Wax Container Square Box

The flexible & shatterproof 9ml conjoined silicone wax container can easily be cleaned with soapy water, and the no-roll design is perfect for safety.

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9ml Conjoined Silicone Wax Container Square Dab Oil Jar Concentrate Box

Square 9ml Silicone Stackable Container Non Stick Storage Concentrate Box Oil Jar

This affordable, easy to open, 9ml conjoined silicone wax container makes a great gift and will last for years if maintained correctly. Check out our selection of stash containers available to order today for an unbeatable price at

Silicone Square Keychain Stash 9ml Dab Wax Container
This virtually indestructible 9ml conjoined silicone wax container is perfect for safely stashing and transporting your sticky oils and waxy concentrates without worry. The non-stick container has been constructed from durable and heat resistant, food-grade silicone making it extremely easy to use and maintain. The square-shaped wax container holds up to 9ml of concentrates and can be discreetly slipped into a pocket or purse for easy transport or can be used as a keychain.

Silicone Containers Capacity 9ml Size L 38.5 mm W12 mm

Eco-Friendly Softness Non-Stick Finish Flexible Lightweight And Portable Easy To Store And Transport Durable
Non Stick Silicone Containers Essential Oil Jars

This eye-catching Silicone Square Keychain Stash Container is available in the 10 Mix colors

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Contact Form Demo (#3)