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Art Print Silicone Bong Glass Percolator 15.6”

This trippy art print silicone bong glass percolator works with ice cubes and holds a lot of smoke, perfect for parties and sharing with friends.

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Trippy Art Print Silicone Bong Glass Percolator Long Type Detachable Water Pipes for High Time Smoke

Safe Material

The trippy art print silicone bong glass percolator is curated with Platinum Cured Silicone material as is certified “food grade silicone safe” for culinary application. The safety levels are guaranteed to be up to Silicone approval standards, making it completely safe to use.


With Silicone Bongs and Rigs, you don’t have to worry about knocking them over as they are extremely durable and do not shatter with just a little push. Their durability and sturdiness make them a really attractive party-time smoking accessory.

Glass Bowl

The trippy art print silicone bong glass percolator is not only durable & long-lasting but also delivers on the promise of quality vapour and flavour. The herb bowls are made from premium glass, delivering high-quality hits! It also makes it easier to clean the glass bowls and keep your equipment as good as new.


The silicone bong is the perfect smoking accessory to use while travelling. It is durable, compact, and less susceptible to breaking, making it your ideal travel companion. Next time you’re planning an outdoor smoking session, you know which bong to get!

A set include
Printing Short water bong *1
Beaker Glass Filter *1
Silicone Holder*1
The weight About 874g,
To prevent transport damage, foam + transparent self-sealing bag packaging.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)