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Astronaut Smoking Pipe

Astronaut silicone smoking pipe, a very hot handheld pipe from SILICLAB, has the advantage of being versatile and multi-purpose. It also has a creative looking design!

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Astronauts, or cosmonauts in full, on the other hand, are people who have made space flight their career or have performed space flights. Spaceflight is a special professional activity, it has a special working environment, highly complex professional skills, difficult flight tasks and other characteristics.

This requires astronauts to have not only a healthy body, good heart quality, and a high degree of tolerance and stress resistance to the space environment, but also to have a wealth of knowledge, high skills, etc. We made this astronaut pipe to express our love and awe for astronauts. Astronauts are a great and selfless profession. From the function of the product, we have designed 3 different ways to use the product. The first is the way to extract tobacco weed, when taking out this pipe, in the part of the astronaut’s stomach, we will find a small lid, open this small lid, we will find a glass bowl, when smoking, we store tobacco weed in this glass bowl, so that you can smoke.

The second is the way to extract honey paste, this time we need a 10mm titanium nail accessories, so where is its installation location, in the astronaut belly below, we will find a small hole, here will be the location of the installation of 10mm titanium nail, we put this small hole design is very clever, when it is used to extract tobacco, the design of this small hole to facilitate the exhaust when smoking. When it is used to extract tobacco paste, it can be matched with the 10mm titanium nail. The third way of use is similar to a small water bubbler, It’s we need a silicone downstem.

Open the lid on the top of the astronaut’s stomach and the storage lid on the back, remove the glass bowl, then you can install the silicone downstem, and at the same time we can take out a bottle with water and put the bottom end of the plug into the bottle. So a water bubbler assembly is complete, when smoking, we also need to use a 14mm glass gun head accessories. The above is the diverse use of this pipe, and it is very convenient to take with you on your travels because of its diverse functions to meet a variety of smoking styles. In the product color design, we made 11 different colors, including the big selling colors are gray and white color scheme and black, green is also very thin welcome, other 8 colors such as gray purple light blue, etc. are also very popular with customers!

Item Astronaut smoking pipe
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Individual PET Box
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 4.8*1.7inch/123*42.8mm
Weight 85g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.


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