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Black 8 Dab Wax Container 6ml Storage Bho Oil Jar

Black 8 Dab Wax Container is made of glossy black non-stick silicone, 6ml middle size suitable for daily storage. The lid is tight and not easy to leak.

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Black 8 Dab Wax Container 6ml Silicone Ball Shape Concentrate Oil Slick Container

With unique gold 8 printing on the surface, this ball shape black 8 dab wax container is both long-lasting and funny. It can holds up to 6ml of concentrate. The round polished inner surface is perfect for stoners who want a container for them to scoop the wax easily.

This black 8 dab wax container is made from durable, food grade silicone that can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Which means that you can place it in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

The ball shape make it easy to drop from table. But according to tumbler functionality, it won’t overturn after you divide the them into two hemisphere unless you do it on purpose. So you can put your wax on it without worries.

The diameter of black 8 dab wax container is 1.5 inches, which makes it the great size to put in your pocket or bag. Water-proof sealing let you stop worry about spilling. Polished surface offers a clean stash place for your concentrates, even the stickiest concentrates will easily slide out, so nothing goes to waste!

Diameter: 39mm / 1.5 Inches
Capacity: 6ml
Net Weight: 22g
Material: Heat Resistant Silicone
Customizing: Colors, Packaging
Advantage: Water Proof And Unbreakable
Application: Concentrate Oil
Printing Type: Silk Printing

1 x 6ml Black 8 Printed Ball Container

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