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Classic Colorful Silicone Beaker Bong | 13.2 Inch

This 2 pieces silicone beaker bong is made of odorless silicone. It is non-toxic, portable, durable, and a great smoking accessory for traveling.

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Beaker Bong Unbreakable Multi-colors Silicone Detachable Silicone Water Pipe Beaker Base Bong for Tobacco Dry Herb Smoking

If you are seeking for an affordable smoking water bong to take along to a stoner party or smoking festival, then this damage-proof silicone beaker bong is your perfect option.

Constructed from flexible, food grade, and heat resistant silicone raw material, detachable design.

This silicone beaker bong measures 335 mm / 13.2 inch in height, and 120 mm / 4.7 inch in diameter of the base. The colorful durable silicone bong is a great smoking water pipe for beginners and active outdoor smokers who are unwilling to get sick of setting up and making use of a complicated and delicate beaker bong.

The bong pipe is equipped with a rimmed mouthpiece, a 14 mm female joint which is suitable for 14 mm glass bowl and downstem. The silicone beaker bong can be stand stably due to it has a stable beaker round base. High qaulity silicone raw material makes the silicone beaker bong grip-friendly, feeling great in hand when holding the beaker bong, and the downstem and bowl can be removed for easy washing and cleaning.

How to use our silicone beaker bong ?

When to enjoy using this beaker water pipe for smoking, firstly pour water into the beaker base, simply load the glass bowl with your dry herbs, burn it up and inhale through the rimmed mouthpiece. The smoke will be filtered and cleaned by entering through the bubbled water, resulting in a clean, good-taste hit which is packed filled of flavor and less strong on the throat. Placing a metal mesh screen in the glass bowl to stop unexpected ash and tiny pieces of herbs from pulling into the bongs water.

The portable and beautiful silicone dab rig will be one of your greatest choices of present to your dear friends. This clever and almost indestructible water pipe is ideal for daily use, and can be slipped into your backpack for safe transport and easy outdoor use. Whether you are a fresh smoker or you are just searching for a new unbreakable, durable and damage-proof water pipe to carry to smoke sessions, puff parties sharing with friends, this beaker bong comes a great option. Order your Random Colored Silicone Beaker Pipe with Glass Bowl today at Siliclab for an unbeatable price!

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