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Classic Simple Must-have Glass Mini Flower Bowl 10mm

Every stone need an extra bowl. These glass bowls are as simple as it gets but will help a lot when you bowl accidentally fall and break. Transparent glass and a minimalist bowl that will fit just about every design of bong, dab rig or bubbler.

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Bong Accessories Classic Water Pipe Smoking Borosilicate Glass Herb Bowl

This 10mm bowl is made of thick and long-lasting borosilicate glass that can withstand high heat and abrasion. This glass slide is built to last. There’s plenty of space in the middle bowl to hold your favorite herbaceous product enough for one dope.

Since each of these herb slides are handblown, the shape of the bowl you receive may not looks exactly same as the photos. Differentiation is a good attribute which can let you each smoking experience special.

To use, start by placing your herb-filled bowl into your favorite bong, load the bowl and fire it up. As you inhale, you can see the burning of flower and the smoke flow into the chamber of bong. This process generates a lot smoke that’s full of flavor and much smoother on the throat and lungs.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)