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Custom Patterned Printed Non Stick Silicone Dab Mat | Diameter 15cm

42 different patterned designs in stock, also accept your own logo customization. Heat resistant and smell proof, the patterned images will not be erased by alcohol. Collect them all and purchase your very own non stick silicone dab mat at Siliclab.

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Multiple Printed Patterns Smell Proof Non Stick Pure Silicone Dab Mat for Honey Concentrate Oil Wax Dab Smoking

Measures in 15cm diameter, 1.5cm in thickness, this patterned printed round silicone mat has various globally popular characters like Rick and Morty, Marvel, The Simpsons, etc. This round patterned pure silicone mat is made of non stick smell proof silicone raw material, and the multiple patterns printed on the surface accepts customization.

When using this silicone dab mat, just place underneath a rig. It is designed to keep the rig in place and protects the surface the rig is on. It also provides a place to manipulate sticky concentrates and rest dab tools. And also it is designed to protect the rig and the surface on which it rests. Glass rigs have the tendency to slide around on a table, and a dab mat will help make sure it does not break, which protects your surface from collecting oil and concentrate when dabbing. This silicone dab mat also offers a safe place to put hot objects, such as a torch, dab tool, or carb cap.

Compared with traditional silicone dab mat, our multi patterned print silicone mat is more durable, it can be used for years if looked after correctly. Tear and expand it strongly, the gap will rebound flexibly instead of leaving a crack on the surface.

Dab mats are very easy to clean, as most are made of non stick and heat resistant silicone raw material. Soapy water is usually all it takes to get it clean. Isopropyl alcohol is useful if you are trying to remove a lot of sticky concentrates. With our unique and professional printing skills, the patterns that printed on the silicone mat will not be erased by alcohol.

There are 42 different pattened designs for this dia 15cm silicone dab mat in stock at Siliclab, collect them all and purchase your very own Dia 15cm Custom Patterned Printed Non Stick Silicone Dab Mat at Siliclab for an extremely affordable price.

SKU  GJDZ0011-10
Brand  Siliclab
Category Asignments  Dab Mat
Diameter  150mm/5.91 inches
Thickness  1.5 mm / 0.06 inches
Weight  34g
Material  100% Food Grade Silicone
Color  Random Color in Silicone Pieces
Shape  Round
OEM  Logo Custom, Color Custom
Sell Model  Wholesale, Retail
Accessories  Oil Burner Smoking Pipes, Lighter / Torch, Dabber, etc.
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