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Fountain Silicone Dab Rig Transfer Printed 7.3”

When using this fountain silicone dab rig, the bubbly water likes a spring fountain, which makes a great impression on all your smoke buddies.

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Fountain Silicone Dab Rig Water-Transfer Pattern Printed Wholesale Tobacco Bubbler Airtight Glass Connector Water Pipe with Glass Bowl for Dry Herb Smoking

When you thought you could not find any better and eye-catching silicone rigs for dabbing, this Water-Transfer Pattern Printed Fountain Silicone Dab Rig has taken dabbing smoking to the next level with its unique design and multi-colored pattern printing. Make a great impression on your smoke buddies with this whole pattern painting silicone dab rig.

The beautiful and durable water-transfer painting printed fountain silicone dab rig measures 185 mm / 7.3 inches in height. Portable size makes it easy to slip into your backpack, taking to safe transport and outdoor use, is ideal for puff parties, smoke festivals, and road trips.

Constructed from high quality silicone and clear glass, this water-transfer painting printed fountain silicone dab rig bubbler is equipped with a fixed downstem with a 14mm female joint which fits 14mm male glass bowl. The cone-shaped mouthpiece feels comfortable to use for long sessions, and the attached 14mm male herb bowl is removable for easy cleaning and maintaining.

When using the fountain silicone dab rig, first pour water inside the glass connected part, just load the 14 mm male glass bowl with your ground dry herbs, heat it up to the desirable temperature and inhale through the cone-shaped mouthpiece, then you will see the water in the glass connected joint bubbling like a spring fountain. The smoke gets filtered and cleaned as it is passed through the bubbly water, resulting in a clean hit that is packed full of flavor and less stimulation on the throat.

The detachable design allows you to quickly fill the dab rig with water and allows to wash and clean very easily. Placing a metal screen in the herb bowl is recommended to prevent unwanted ash and herbs from entering into the water of the dab rig.

The water-transfer painting printed fountain silicone dab rig is perfect for discreet use while out and about, the whole dab rig is in ease to clean thanks to its removable design. This printed fountain shape silicone dab rig is finished with a round base which guarantee it can stand stably and is available in random printed colors. Order your Water-Transfer Pattern Printed Fountain Silicone Dab Rig today for an unbeatable price while stocks last. Check out our wide range of bongs, bubblers, and accessories available at your number one wholesale manufacturer Siliclab.

SKU: SYH1011
Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Dab Rigs
Height: 185 mm / 7.3 inches
Weight: 266g
Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone + Glass
Color: Random Painted Colors
Base: Round
OEM: Color Custom
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Lighter/Torch, Milling Grinder, Stash Bowl, Metal Mesh Screen, Dabber, etc.

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