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Four Square Smoking Pipe

Four square pipe the name from because its appearance looks four square, is also a similar to the small water bubbler one hitter smoking pipe.

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Tobacco Smokeshop Silicone Water Pipes Square shape Rolling Paper Smoking Pipe

SILICLAB have named this small smoking pipe as Four square pipe. It’s consists of 2 parts, The upper part can be understood as the lid of the pipe, while the lower part is the main body of the pipe, both made of food-grade silicone. There have one of the differences between it and other small smoking pipes. When use can store a small amount of water in the lower part(the main body of the Four square pipe). this function design as same the big size water bong. Pour some water that can impurities in the smoke can be removed, including the nicotine inside the smoke and so on, also allows for better filtration of smoke when smoking.

Bringing you healthier smoking! About the product In the lid part we designed a small hole, easy to use when the exhaust. Because of its small size, it can quickly convey smoke, making it possible to quickly complete the smoking process.Where the pipe main part of the mouthpiece That we also designed a small hole to access the lanyard rope or key ring, you can match and design it according to your preferences. its composition is very simple ingenious And have peculiar shape. The product itself is mini and very light, very suitable for carrying out. When want smoking,remove the lid from the top end of the pipe, put in an appropriate amount of water, and close the lid. Next, you can put a piece of rolling paper in the mouthpiece of the pipe and start smoking.

Another important design feature of the pipe is the amount of cigarettes tobacco weed rolling paper that can be smoked at one time. The amount of cigarettes tobacco weed rolling paper use it accepts is one puff like the one hitter. This makes it easier and better for smokers who don’t want to smoke too much at once. In SILICLAB each product is made in have the 10 colors. These 10 colors are also the signature colors of our company. For the Four square pipe it is also have 10colors in stock! And we are support smaller orders. Many products we don’t have a minimum order quantity, if you need 1 or more pieces we are all support! Likewise, we also support customization services!

Item Silicone Four square Smoking Pipe
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 3.2inch*1.7inch/80mm*43mm
Weight 31g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.
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