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Game Square Water Hookah Dab Rig Smoking Pipe

Game machine water pipe to take the most classic glass juce water pipe water pipe appearance, this one we with the silicone part of the combination of production.

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420 Smokeshop Silicone Game Game Machine Water Pipes Smoking Dab Rig

Originally originating in India in the thirteenth century, waterpipe smoking became popular in the Middle East in the sixteenth century. The original hookah smoking apparatus consisted of a flask, pipe, air valve, pot, tray, and bay, and consisted of a coconut shell with an empty bamboo pipe, mainly used for smoking old black tobacco. Later, it gradually spread to Arab countries and became a common way for folk to smoke tobacco. It was introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty. At present, the more common water pipe in the collection market consists of several parts: pipe, straw, water pipe, tobacco compartment and hand rest, some are cast as a whole, and some can also be split.

This water hookah is made of glass and silicone two parts combined with the assembly of the production.Its shape design appearance took the popular glass juce water pipe, we replaced its surface with silicone,At the same time, we imagined the buttons of game consoles and adopted the design of game console buttons in the silicone part. Which makes the whole product more playful and interesting. Thus we named this hookah as Game Square Water Hookah Dab Rig.Since the outer layer is made of silicone, It has reducing the weight of the whole product, When handheld smoking will make the smoker more relaxed. It also better reduces the breakage rate of the product brings convenience to the transportation and reduce the shipping cost. The product smoke post is the bent shape, and the general water pipe is different.

When use,only a 14mm glass bowl is required ,There will not need with downstem. Because the whole product we have designed with a silicone downstem. The important thing is that before smoking, we need to add about half a pot of water in the water pipe, so that when smoking, the water can act as a filter, which can bring you a healthier smoking. Because of its a little small size in water hookahs, it is like small hand water hookah smoking pipe , so when used, the smoke can also be passed quickly, so that the smoker can enjoy smoking more quickly!The product also has a hidden design, that is, also in the silicone part, we can do any logos brands design printing!

Item Game water pipe
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Individual opp bag package
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 190mm
Weight 265g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.
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