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Glass Filter Tips w/Gold Cannabis Leaf LOGO 35mm

This glass filter tips is support logo and brand custom. it is with clear color,8mm, reusable, flat mouthpieces, each tips is packed in a small plastic!

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The glass filter tips is made of high quality heat-resistant borolicate glass. It is a logo and brand custom style. the clear color, reusable, flat mouthpieces, each tips is packed in a small plastic,The sturdy and small plastic bottles keep each glass rolling tip clean and protect it well. It is very easy for you to take it anywhere you want.

Because borosilicate glass material is shatter-resistan, making it both durable and safe to smoke, and can be easily rolled and good for a pre-rolled cones, easy for air flow.

when you have one piece glass filter tip, it can protect your lip and fingers from heat damage. Natural and soft to the touch sensation when in contact with the skin. smooth sesh as it cools the flow through the mouthpiece. Roll over the mouthpiece and use as a filter or just insert a pre roll cone into the mouthpiece. No more burnt cardboard taste from the paper.

The upgrated glass filter tips allow for pure flavor to come through to make your hand-rolled cigarette taste good. and no more messy sticky fingers, burnt fingers or lips. Just keep getting the smooth glass feeling on your lip and the premium glass tips are not getting as hot as regular tips that offers better experience. The glass filter tips are reusable that good for environment, and no more waste of all those cardboard tips. It is high value with competitive price.

Those glass filter tips are also easy to clean and maintain. The glass filter tip offers great airflow and a healthy way to enjoy by preventing debris and resin from entering your mouth,The intake is cleaner and smoother and way more enjoyable. Another important advantage is that it is a glass rolling filter tip with logo and brand printing, so we support any kind of customisation to give you a personalised glass filter tip!

Item Glass filter tips
Material Glass
Packaging Individually small plastic
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 8mm
Weight 5g
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Contact Form Demo (#3)