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Herb Grinder With Storage Container Plastic 4.5”

This Herb Grinder with Storage Container featuring 1 storage compartments for storing flowers, and a built-in removable grinder with sharp teeth.

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Herb Grinder With Storage Container 4.5inch Plastic 3Layers Tobacco Weed Grinder Smoking Accessories

SILICLAB herb grinders can be easily cleaned. Every herb grinder includes a handy pollen scraper. Made of Food grade Plastic and a step above your average aluminum herb grinder. Not only does siliclab herb grinder give your dry herb the perfect grind/consistency, it also holds a large amount of herb and pollen.

The grinder is every stoner’s trusted sidekick: if you meet someone who smokes weed, they most definitely have a grinder.
This herb grinder with storage container/grinder is constructed from an extremely durable plastic that is absolutely 100% safe to use with your favorite dry materials.Although it is constructed from a tough plastic material, this grinders teeth offers a grind quality that can easily be compared to many metal grinders on the market.

SILICLAB’s Grinder measure in at around 115.5MM tall by about 61.5MM” wide, leaving you with a compact and highly functional sidekick that is able to store plenty of material at a time.

1 x Herb Saver Weed Grinder Assorted Colors

SILICLAB herb grinder with storage container is the best 3-in-1 solution for preparing and storing your herb. As a container, it is removable and flexible.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)