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Honeycomb Enail Hexagon Dab Nail Set 20mm Coil

Honeycomb Enail hexagon electric heating nail temperature control box with 16/18/20mm coil. This product is a heating tool to enjoy wax and oil.

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Honeycomb Enail China Tobacco Shop wax oil smoking accessories hexagonal temperature control electric heating box

Electric heating wax oil temperature control box, this honeycomb enail is a tool to enjoy wax and oil, can not be used for smoking weed. The whole set has a power cord, a heating cord, a silicone box and an electric heating device, the box is a very nice black hard box.

How to use honeycomb enail?

Install the power cord and the heating cord together with the heating device, then energize the heating, put the quartz bowl or the titanium nail on the coil of the heating cord to heat, when the temperature reaches a certain level, put the wax and oil in the quartz bowl or the titanium nail, then you can enjoy the fun of wax and oil.

The Honeycomb Enail temperature control box is a hexagonal design with a switch, to control the temperature on the side of the temperature display, so you can control the temperature you want. It is a very good temperature control device.

The advantage of this honeycomb enail over other smoking products using wax and oil is that you don’t have to worry about the lighter. Because it is electrically heated, the heating process is also very short and much faster than a lighter.

Although the applicable voltage of this honeycomb enail temperature control box is 220V, if the voltage in your country is not 220V, it does not mean that you can not apply it, we also produce the same product with electric specifications.

If you have custom requirements for the packaging or the honeycomb enail, you can tell us and we can modify the heating device according to your needs.

Item Hexagon Electric Dab Nail
Material Stainless Steel with Painting Color
Packaging Carton; Customized services supported
MOQ 1Pcs
LOGO Printing/Laser
Color Black;  Custom Color Supported
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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