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Ice Cream Cone Pipe Silicone Attractive 4.3 inch

Portable & Detachable design makes ice cream cone pipe easy to carry anywhere to enjoy smoking, Removable glass bowl aims at easy cleaning.

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Ice Cream Cone Pipe Silicone with Removable Glass Bowl for Dry Herb Tobacco Stash Smoking

Shock your dear friends with this ice cream cone silicone hand pipe in smoke sessions or stoner festivals.

Stocked in pink, yellow, and white color, this portable and durable ice cream cone shape silicone smoking hand pipe features a removable glass bowl and detachable body for easy smoking and cleaning.

The silicone ice cream hand pipe is made from heat resistant, smell proof and food grade silicone making it perfect for outdoor smoking without worrying about breaking.

The ice cream cone pipe measures just 4.3 inches in length and equipped with a glass bowl which is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The silicone body is detachable, which is also making it simple for washing the inside after smoking tobacco dry herb. The perforated glass bowl (single hole glass bowl and nine holes glass bowl for your choice) aims to preserve all those important tastes and provides with a cleaner, more enjoyable smoking experience than any metal herb bowl.

Check out this almost indestructible silicone ice cream cone pipe, compared with traditional glass hand pipe, silicone smoking hand pipe is more durable, break proof and portable in any occasions.

Designed by pink, yellow, and white three bright colors, this ice cream cone pipe is also very popular within young girls and boys. For wholesale order, welcome to contact us to custom color that you want.

It is packaged by a PET packing bag with Siliclab logo. The ice cream cone shape silicone smoking hand pipe with glass bowl can be used for years if looked after correctly and is perfect for stoner parties, smoker gatherings, and smoke festivals.

The portable hand friendly style pipe is simple to use and maintain and makes a great affordable gift to your dear friends or customers. If you are seeking for a fun and damage-proof pocket hand pipe, then you have come to the right place.

This ice cream cone shape silicone smoking hand pipe with glass bowl is easy to carry and a perfect option for tobacco dry herb smoking. Enjoy tobacco smoking everywhere anytime thanks to its portable design, you can take it with you to smoke sessions, stoner parties, or even you can carry it when travel worldwide.

It is receiving widespread approval because of its characters of effectiveness, simply washing, and joys involved to share with dear friends. This ice cream cone shape silicone smoking hand pipe with glass bowl comes in pink, yellow, white color options.

Order your very own Ice Cream Cone Silicone Smoking Pipe with Glass Bowl today for an unbeatable price at Siliclab.

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