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Mermaid Colored Zinc Alloy Grinder

This is a zinc alloy tobacco grinder with a mermaid color design, and it has a high cost performance compared to similar grinders. It also has a large capacity 75mm size.

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Mermaid colored 48mm 63mm 75mm Zinc alloy grinder custom 4 layers rolling paper smoking accessories herb grinders

The Mermaid Color Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder is available in 3 different models, 48mm, 63mm and 75mm. is a newly developed color grinder, Its color comes from the mermaid, the color has the symbol of the sea, the color scheme is very small fresh. Mermaid color is also rosy pink. Rose is derived from the color of roses. The rose is known as the embodiment of beauty being used to name colors , and has a long history .

The color of rose red is transparent and clear, containing both the energy of nurturing life and flowing with a subtle beauty, gorgeous without losing elegance. Rose red symbolizes elegance and brightness. It is paired with the same color and similar bright colors to create a hot and lively effect; the more strips of aggression the stronger the sense of motion. And the green color gives the feeling of roses and leaves, which is coordinated with it. By using the complementary color blue, with its matching, creating the effect of water flowing and lining the sense of motion.At the same time, we use zinc alloy as the raw material for the grinder, and we have excellent quality for the grinder itself. Whether it’s color, size or quality, these are its strengths.Each product It consists of 4 layers, the first and second for tobacco grinding, the second and third for tobacco grinding and filtering, and the third and fourth for collecting and storing the ground tobacco.

Each of the three or four layers is equipped with a small silicone brush, which makes it easy to organize and use the ground tobacco. Each product is packaged in an individual kraft paper box. We are sure that when you notice this grinder, you will be fascinated by its! Many people prefer to have their grinders customized.

If you also need it, we can customize it for you!

  1. Like custom logo or brand of the product. just need to semd me your logo or brand design of the PDF/Ai file. That will send the sample picture of the deign to you checking as soon as possible.
  2. If you want to customize the product with other silicone mixes colors, just send me the Pantone color number corresponding to the silicone color so that we will arrange to make samples for you immediately.
  3. If you have special packaging requirements for your products or want to customize the packaging, we are all support customization. Importantly, Herbal Grinder we also support overall full logo/ branding printing customization! In SILICLAB. We are support sample orders! Many products we don’t have a minimum order quantity, if you need 1 or more pieces we are all support! like some custom logos or brands sample orders also. Just we are the manufacturer, So we must support !
Item Mermaid colored Zinc alloy grinder
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Gift Paper Box Package
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 48mm/63mm/75mm
Weight 106g/173g/251g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.
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Contact Form Demo (#3)