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Metal Dugout Pipe Tobacco Cigarette 1 Hitter 3’’

This Metal Dugout Pipe One-hitter shaped like cigarettes. When you take a quick hit with it, you’ll feel like you’ve lit a real cigarette, but it’s reusable.

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Metal Dugout Pipe Smoke Dry Herb Quick Hit Cigar Smoking One Hitter

It is composed of an aluminum tip and ceramic body which let it one hundred percent fire resistant. It fit to common wooden dugout perfectly. If you’re on the go usually, this metal dugout pipe one hitter will be a great choice for taking quick smoke breaks.

Dug-out Pipe is a perfect option for discreet consumption. People who want a portable device to take their legal herbs will like it. The compact size makes them perfect travel piece as it is small enough to slip into a pocket. A dug out pipe is also straight-forward to use and easy to clean.

This metal dugout pipe features cigar appearance so you can use it in legal public smoking area without attracting too many attention. It’s a great replacement for your dugout. Metal body is heat-resistant so you don’t need to worry about scalding of your finger. And you can use it in public without drawing any unwanted notice to yourself.

Length: 3 Inches / 77mm
Net Weight: 9g
Material: Metal Body + Aluminum Tip
Customizing: Branding, Colors, Packaging
Packaging: Individual Poly Bag
Advantage: Quite hit

1 x Cigarette Dug Out Pipe

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Contact Form Demo (#3)