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Metal Stash Jar Small Weed Storage Tank 4.5×6.5cm

This metal stash jar is in 4.5×6.5cm small size. It is lightweight, you can carry your favorite flavour weed in and carry it to anywhere you want go.

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Metal Stash Jar Straight Aluminum Alloy Tobacco Container 4.5×6.5cm Empty Tank

Tea Caddy Mini Aluminum Storage Boxes Sealed Coffee Cans Tea Portable Container Travel Tea Caddy Storage Bottles Jars

Small and portable metal stash jar, you can carry it with you anywhere. The color is rich in style and easy to distinguish; the aluminum material is more durable and durable. Size Chart: Size:6.5*4.5*4.5 cm,Package included: 1* tea can

1. Durable sealed storage containers.
2. Our metal stash jar is made of high-quality aluminum and is the perfect solution for storing your favorite herbs  or foods. These bottles are discreet easy to use and carry.
3. Unlike other aluminum cans our cans are made of precision threads and seals to make them odor-free odorless sealed and waterproof.
4. In addition aluminum provides an inert non-reactive surface that does not degrade filter or absorb the rolls.
5. We can block aluminum light (including UV) which is especially harmful to organic materials making your products fresher.

Material: Aluminum
Size:6.5*4.5 cm Color: black ,green silver Pink,Purple
Package contents:tea cans *1 Scope of application:storage of tea and various dry food products such as seasonings

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Contact Form Demo (#3)