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Mini Bong Palmable Glass Smoking Gift Set | 8.3‘’

This portable palmable mini bong glass smoking set is wonderful for smoke parties, stoned festivals or small sessions at home. Ideal for daily use.

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Mini Bong Logo Custom Portable Unique Palmable Glass Smoking Kit Gift Set for Concentrate Wax Dabbing Smoking

This mini bong glass smoking kit the best seller in smoke shop, it can be slipped into a backpack for safe trip, easy transport. Don’t miss the perfect smoke kit in Siliclab.

What’s in the set:
1 x Mini Bong Glass Dab Rig | 102 mm
1 x 14 mm Male Glass Bowl
1 x 14 mm Male Quartz Banger ( Can Change to Glass Banger )
1 x Rectangle Silicone Wax Container | 12.5 ml
1 x Plastic Packaging Box | 210*125*60 mm

This gift mini bong set has all the contents you need for a smooth smoke session, all stored in one easy-to-carry portable plastic box which is allowed to custom your brand logo on. This smoking kit makes the perfect gift for friends or yourself, from a palmable mini glass bong to wax container, glass bowl, and quartz banger.

The palmable glass mini bong included in the smoke set that measures 4.0 inches (120 mm) in height and is made from quality borosilicate glass. The bong features a 14mm ground joint which fits for 14mm glass bowl or 14mm quartz banger. The bent neck offers more comfort and the wide rimmed mouthpiece is in ease of inhaling. It comes delivered with a multigrid silicone wax container, totally 12.5 ml in volume.

When to use this palmable glass mini bong, first pour water into the glass base, simply load the glass bowl or quartz banger with your herb concentrate, heat it up to the wanted temperature and inhale through the flared mouthpiece. When pulled out, the smoke gets filtration from the bubbly water, producing a clean and delicious taste with rich flavors and less irritation to the throat.

This portable palmable glass mini bong smoking set is perfect for smoke parties, stoned festivals or small sessions at home and can be slipped into a backpack for safe trip, easy transport. The unique palmable mini bong smoking set is ideal for daily use and it is the best seller in your shop. Whether you are a green hand in bong smoking or you are just looking for a new unbreakable bong set to share with your dear friends, this palmable mini glass bong smoking set will be a great choice. Order your Palmable Glass Mini Bong Smoking Kit Gift Set today at Siliclab for the best price while stocks last!

SKU: SYH0108
Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Dab Rigs
Sizes of Box: 8.3*4.9*2.4 Inch / 210*125*60 mm
Weight: 340g
Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone + Glass
Color: Pink, Black, Dark Green, Blue.
OEM: Logo Custom, Color Custom
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Lighter/Torch, Dab Tool, etc.

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