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Minions Weed Pipe Silicone Smoking Hand Tube 5”

Banana-colored, capsule-shaped, chirpy Minions. It is the hand pipe inspired design. We took its cute appearance made this minions weed pipe.

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Minions Weed Pipe Little Yellow Man Silicone Hand Tobacco Pipes Smoking Accessories Weed Smoking Pipe

This small handheld smoking minions weed pipe is a capsule Minions design, a little yellow man wearing a blue back suit, single or double eyes, and always with scuba goggles, only 3 fingers, and 5 types of hair: spiky, collapsed small center parting, punchy little handful, bald, and small flat head.

We combined these characteristics of the little yellow man to design and produce this tobacco smoking minions weed pipe. The color of the pipe is yellow (banana), with blue, black, white, brown and a touch of dark blue. These colors are almost close to the color of the Minions. This makes the smoking pipe extra playful and cute, and the colors match extremely well to capture your effect visually.

The silicone stem of the minions weed pipe is made of food-grade silicone, and the product comes with a porous glass bowl. It is a small handheld pipe for extracting tobacco weed. A small hole at the top of the stem is designed to allow for venting during the smoking process, thus allowing for a better smoking experience. Due to the small size of the hand pipe, smoking with this pipe allows the smoker to enjoy the smoking process quickly.

This is a very early design for a small handheld tobacco smoking pipe, and it is one of the most popular and classic pipes for smokers. Basically, every smoker owns one of these handheld pipes. Because the little yellow man Minions is so popular with the public, it has taken over almost every corner of our lives.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about these yellow creatures – Minions. That’s why we designed this pipe with Minions in mind. At the same time, Minions itself has power and is a product of full product power.

In addition to having the perfect design, the quality of the smoking pipe is also perfect. Whether it’s the production of the silicone stem or the production of the glass parts, we make sure that every step is strictly controlled. So that every customer gets a very good piece of work – Minions Silicone Hand Smoking Pipes!

Item Little Yellow Man Minions Smoking Pipe
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 5.1inch/130mm
Weight 46g
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