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Multi-color Printing Game Square Water Pipe Hookah

This is a game machine water pipe with multi-color printing, In addition to the existing designs, we also can make any logo you want on this water pipe

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Multi-color printing Silicone Game water pipe logos custom tobacco smoking pipes hookah

For the design of the square hookah, we combined elements of the Game Player. This is also the origin of why it is named the Game square water hookah. At the same time, the hookah combines the design of a curved pipe nozzle. The whole product is assembled from silicone and glass, is a silicone external wrapped glass bottle, in the front of the external silicone part of the hookah, we added the design of the game player button to make it vivid naughty more fun.

On the side we also designed a fire burning hollow pattern, adding to the atmosphere of smoking and combustibility. We can also look inside the hookah through this hollow. The front and bottom of the hookah are designed with hollowing. The back of the external silicone part of the hookah is a key design of this hookah, because it is what makes this product a hot seller for us. So it’s Multi-color printing Game square hookah. In this place, we can do many colors and complex pattern logos design to print, this printing than ordinary single-color printing complex. With the printing of these patterns, the product has more creativity and selective, such as rick & morty pattern design, Christmas, Halloween, little yellow man and other designs are very popular with customers. Currently, we have up to 20 different patterns designs in stock!

In addition, the Multi-color printing Game square water pipe hookah is our main product available for customers to customize their own logo.

About Custom Printing

1: If you want custom logo or brand of the product. we only need you to send me your logo or brand design of the PDF/Ai file. That will send the sample picture of the deign to you checking ASAP! Then will do the sample as soon!

2: If you want to customize the product with other silicone mixes colors, just send me the Pantone color number corresponding to the silicone color so that we will arrange to make samples for you immediately. For the color of the product itself, we made 10 colors in stock. In SILICLAB. Welcome your customization!

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Contact Form Demo (#3)