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New Pipe Glass Twisty Blunt Pipe Kit 2 Series Box

This New Pipe glass twisty  blunt pipe is able to hold up to 2g of dry herb, turn it forward to load tobacco/weed, and turn it back to eject ash.

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New Pipe Glass Twisty Blunt Pipe Kit Gift Set Eco-friendly Convenient Smoking Accessories

What’s in the kit:
1*metal twist blunt,
2*glass tube,
2*cleaning brush,
2*silicone cap,
2*O rings.

This New Pipe glass twisty blunt smoking pipe kit  is made of durable glass materialsthat can stand high temperature, hot resistant, and healthy, Its copper material is environmental friendly, safe and healthy. This New Pipe glass twisty blunt allows you to pack up to 1.5 grams of dry herbs into the glass tube. It’s very easy to use with double O ring to ensure tight seal.

4 inches in length, this New Pipe Glass Twisty Blunt Kit fit 10mm, 14mm, 18mm female jointed water pipes, and it is available in Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Brown, Silver and Rainbow Colors.

Using the New Pipe glass twisty blunt kit is super easy. Simply take the New Pipe twisty glass blunt and fill it up with your favorite dry herbs from one side. This is the side without the rubber mouthpiece. When you have packed it down full, put your lips on the mouthpiece and light the opposite end. When you finish, ashing your ash is going to be easy to empty. Simply twist the end and the smoked ash will just fall out.

Unique design and portable size is able to use for all day long, gently to the screw the adapter, so that ash naturally fall. No tobacco wasting with ashes falling prematurely. Just turn the mouthpiece and fresh hit are pushed forward, ready for new hit.

The New Pipe glass twisty blunt kit is simple to clean and wash: matched with a brush, a dry filament, a new glass tube. Brush and dry wire can clean any corner of the glass tube, do not worry about dirt left in the glass tube inside, the new glass tube can replace the original glass tube if you accidentally fell. This glass twisty blunt kit is available in six colors: Black, Brown, Pink, Gold, Silver and also Rainbow. Enjoy your sessions in style and order your New Pipe Glass Twisty Blunt Pipe Kit today at Siliclab, the manufacturer for all your quality bongs, bubblers, and smoking accessories.

SKU: GS-190213-03
Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Dry Pipes
Weight: 145g
Material: High Quality Glass
Color: Black, Brown, Pink, Gold, Silver and also Rainbow
Package: Gift Set Packaging
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Lighter/Torch, Herb Grinder, Tobacco Pipe, Dabber, etc.

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