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Pattern Printed Herb Grinder 40mm Rick and Morty

Pattern Printed Herb Grinder is covered full printing patterns, like the hot rick and morty, cannabis leaf .etc We also provide custom patterns services.

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Pattern Printed Herb Grinder Full printing 40mm*38mm 420 weed Smokeshop Smoking Accessories Custom Tobacco Weed Grinder

The pattern printed herb grinder is an overall print style and they measure 40mm, is a small but very popular size among the grinder in smoking accessories Market! It is portable and easy to use, and magnetic Lid, Which provides a smooth grinding feel. When using, Just need to twist and turn the top layer to grind!

We use zinc alloy raw materials. That crafted with quality aluminum, When you hold it, the weight of it feels solid, not like a flimsy plastic novelty grinder. And soft touch outside, non stick inside, Smooth outside feel with TWICE the inside holes as our competitors, which means less pieces getting stuck!

This pattern printed herb grinder merchandise is not going to break. They are highly practical and long-lived. Stronger and more durable than other!

Each pattern printed herb grinder consists of 4 layers, the first and second for tobacco grinding, the second and third for tobacco grinding and filtering, and the third and fourth for collecting and storing the ground tobacco. And it is with a Bonus scraper, You’re gonna need this little tool. which makes it easy to organize and use the ground tobacco. So we gave you the accessories.

Pattern printed herb grinder is portable and easy to use, and the magnetic lids provide a smooth grind. When using, Just need to twist and turn the top layer to grind. An overall printed grinder. It is a great piece and when you have one it will be a great display piece for you and you can store it anywhere! it is also can be as a unique gift, Bring home a classic piece from your Favorite series.

This pattern printed herb grinder is a must have for any fan. Get one for yourself or give one as a gift. It comes in a custom gift paper box. Which A Perfect Birthday or Christmas Gift for Boyfriend / Girlfriend! They can also be sold as a set, each set includes 12 pieces grinders and also comes in the perfect packing box! That best for the Smokeshop !

Item Full printing 40mm*38mm weed grinder
Material Zinc alloy
Packaging Gift Paper Box Package
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 40mm
Weight 90g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)