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Penguin Pipe

The penguin pipe is a small one hitter. it is very cute and small in appearance, making it hard not to like it!

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Free Sample Silicone Penguin One Hitter Tobacco Pipes Hand Smoking Pipe

Why do we want to name the pipe to penguin bubbler smoking pipe?

Because its overall design we are taking the appearance of a penguin. And the whole penguin pipe is made of food grade silicone, the whole product is divided into 2 parts, the upper end is a lid can be uncovered,we also designed a small hole in this part, That easy to use when the exhaust. the second part is like a bulging belly,It’s also like the belly of a penguin.This part will play a very important role when using, It’s can store a small amount of water.

It’s somewhat similar to a mini water bubbler and this this function design also as same the big size water bong. When using,Pour some water that can impurities in the smoke can be removed, also allows for better filtration of smoke when smoking. Bringing the healthier smoking! Because of its small size, it can quickly convey smoke, making it possible to quickly complete the smoking process. The penguin bubbler smoking pipe in reality it is one hitter. because the amount it can smoke at a time is very small and is the amount of cigarettes tobacco weed rolling paper that can be smoked at one time. The amount of cigarettes tobacco weed rolling paper use it accepts is one puff.

This makes it easier and better for smokers who don’t want to smoke too much at once. This makes it easier and better for smokers who don’t want to smoke too much at once. The smoking pipe another advantage! Above the interface of the penguin pipe, we have also designed a small hole, which is used to hang a rope or keychain. And you also can match and design it according to your wants. its composition is very simple ingenious And have cute shape. The product itself is mini and very light, very suitable for carrying out. The product is made in a total of 10 silicone colors in SILICLAB! The silicone color scheme of this product is beautiful, and the goods present a very good effect!

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Contact Form Demo (#3)