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Pokeball Silicone Container 6ml Pokemon Wax Jar

Look this attractive Pokeball silicone container, classic color pokeball design, not only good for wax/concentrate storage, but a nice handicraft toys.

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Pokeball Silicone Container 6ml Round Sphere Weed Concentrate Oil Wax Extract Container

One problem of the pokeball silicone container is that the sphere shape make it easy to roll down from the table. But when you separate two hemispheres, due to tumbler structure, they won’t be flipped easily. You can dab by your nectar collector directly confidently. The lid and base divide the box into two evenly spaced equal parts, you can divided it into two hemisphere and put different flavour weed extract in.

For material of pokeball silicone container, with excellent resistance to attack by oxygen, ozone and sunlight, silicone material is the best choice for concentrate oil storage. Further more it has non-stick and non-adhesive properties which allow you to clean the dirty easily. And a sphere bottom is good for scooping the wax more sufficiently rather than some container that has edge.

If you consume concentrate wax via a dab rig, wax vape pen or nectar collector, then a silicone dab container is necessary. This ball pokeball silicone container can store one flavor of wax. If you have more flavors that need separation, we have larger container with more compartments.

If you are a stoner who like Pokemon, this container will be your best dabbing gear.

Diameter: 39mm / 1.5 Inches
Capacity: 6ml
Net Weight: 22g
Material: Heat Resistant Silicone
Customizing: Colors, Packaging
Advantage: Airtight, Water Proof, Unbreakable
Application: Weed Extract, Cosmetic Cream

1 x 6ml Pokemon Ball Container

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Contact Form Demo (#3)