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Popular Slitted Diffuser 14mm Glass Downstem In Length 10.7cm / 4.2 Inches

As the most common size in various of bong, dab rig, bubbler, 14mm downstem is a great choice to buy for replacement when your original downstem broken. Further more, 10.7cm length can fit in many middle size and large bong.

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Water Pipe Smoking Accessories Joint Glass Diffused 14mm Long Downstem 10.7cm / 4.2 Inches

This downstem is categorized as the slitted diffuser, which is the most popular type of diffuser. It has a series of slits at the bottom allowing for more filtration. It won’t clog as much as other types, though it may not offer as much filtration.

Fixed downstems are more difficult to clean. This downstem is detachable for no fuss cleaning. Though we still suggest you to can run water through your bong after each smoke sesh, as continuing care is the best way to keep your bong looking like new.

You can try to get into the downstem with some cotton swabs and get any pieces of wax or ash that might be sitting inside the downstem.

Joint Size  14mm
Outer Diameter  18.5cm
Length  10.7cm /4.2 inches
Material  Glass
Weight  24g
Customizing  Brand, Colors, Packaging
Packaging  Anti-Drop Bubbler Bag
Diffuser Type  Slitted diffuser
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Contact Form Demo (#3)